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Call for applications: Innovation Booster on “SportsTech Education”

Video and VR experts (computer scientists, computer vision engineers, XR developers, video producers, video analysts) and potential implementation partners (companies, startups, institutions) are invited to apply now for participation in the dedicated Innovation Booster powered by Innosuisse, which will take place on 15 March 2023, from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

The session will be organised face-to-face in Bern.
St.Gallen University of Teacher Education will be the Theme Leader and aim at finding innovative solutions answering those questions:

How can modern sports use digital opportunities for learning and teaching in Physical Education (PE) and sports?

Submit your application to participate here until 1st March!

Language : English


The use of big data and new technologies in sports and training settings is well established. However, the digital transformation has been slow to arrive in educational settings like schools and universities of teacher education. For example, compared to other school subjects, physical education is the subject in which digital tools are least used. More recently, the Covid pandemic led to increased digitalization efforts, which are supported by numerous educational and digitalization initiatives in the cantons. In this context, digitalization efforts in physical education teaching were mostly limited to using video analysis tools to conduct qualitative assessments of movement sequences; or to using remote learning technologies in an effort to shift to distance learning and establish hybrid, higher education teaching-learning environments.

School and university approaches to physical education will have to undergo significant reforms in the coming years if they want to continue to fulfill their social mission: to prepare children, adolescents and young adults for a rapidly changing sports world. Innovations in sports education are therefore urgently needed. The interplay between educational technologies (EdTech) and sport technologies (SportTech) offers great economic and educational potential to develop new tools and create new learning environments that will improve the learning and teaching processes of students and teachers, as well as the training and coaching processes of trainers and exercise instructors.