A unique ecosystem


A unique ecosystem

At ThinkSport, we are committed to bringing together and finding synergies among a diverse range of players dedicated to shaping the future of sports. Together, these groups form a dynamic ecosystem that fuels positive change, progress, and tangible impact in the world of sports.


At the heart of our community are sports entities and athletes committed to driving positive change in the sporting world.


The private sector is a key player in our ecosystem, contributing their unique expertise and resources to foster innovation within the sports industry.


Founders play a vital role in sustaining and championing the initiatives driven by ThinkSport, ensuring the continued success and growth of our collective vision.


Emerging innovators and disruptors in the sports industry bring fresh ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to our ecosystem. They are the driving force behind our forward-thinking solutions, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sports innovation and inspiring us all with their potential for growth.

Academic partners

Academic institutions and research organisations, with their rigorous analysis, cutting-edge research, and scholarly expertise, enrich our ecosystem with valuable insights. Their contributions are driving forward the advancement of sports science and knowledge, and we are deeply appreciative of their invaluable role.