From idea to action: how the Booster turned the Fête Fédérale de Gymnastique Lausanne 2025 from simple idea to live experience!

In October 2022, the FFG joined the Innovation Booster Sport & Activité Physique led by ThinkSport, where they took part in 3 ideation sessions before positioning themselves as the Leader of the “Event Collective Knowledge” Theme with a clear challenge: how to make the Fête shine, and well before 2025?

After several ideation sessions, the “FFG On Tour” idea was born. From a simple post-it note, it became a reality. Since 2023, “FFG On Tour” has been visiting Swiss gymnasts in all 4 corners of the country. Its volunteers explain the contours of the next Federal Gymnastics Festival, revealing a glimpse into the world of Lausanne 2025. With 26 more dates scheduled for 2024, the adventure has only just begun!

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this fun initiative, which demonstrates that the path from idea to final product is just a step away for those who dare to innovate!