The Innovation Booster in Action: Introducing a Swiss Running ID

The Running ID is an idea that was developed during the ‘Web3 for Sport Data’ Sprint Session organised by the Innovation Booster Sport & Physical Activity, led by ThinkSport, EPFL and UNIL.

Ever wonder how far digital identity has come in Switzerland? By 2026, Swiss citizens will finally enjoy a modern, secure, privacy-friendly and user-controlled e-ID. This Swiss e-ID, based on the self-sovereign identity (SSI) paradigm, will revolutionise public and private sectors, including sports. A team comprised of Thomas Wüthrich, Martin Rumo, Andreas Grütter and Marlis Luginbühl have successfully completed a proof of concept for a Swiss Running ID. This project has demonstrated the potential of SSI to enhance athletes’ experience, improve the flow of accurate information across service providers, and offer new business opportunities within the running ecosystem.

When it comes to sports data, Web3 offers a set of tools that can be used to create the infrastructure necessary to build more collaborative economics that allows privacy regulations by design, incentivises data exchange and thus fosters innovation.

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