THE SPOT 2024: Redefining Synergy in Sport and Innovation

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming edition of THE SPOT, centred around this year’s compelling theme, Beyond Boundaries: THE SPOT 2024 Redefines synergy in sport and innovation.

Kicking off this edition, the “Collaborate to Innovate: Hype or Tangible Value” session will explore the real impact of collaboration on innovation, particularly focusing on the added value for sponsors and its crucial role in business development. This discussion will cover how to measure the outcomes of collaboration, co-creation, and activation with partners, acknowledging both measurable results and the unquantifiable yet significant benefits. Insights will be shared on how innovation paves the way for a better future, featuring examples from past ThinkSport’s Innovation Boosters editions.

In another session titled “Managing Digital Risk in Sporting Organisations“, data experts will delve into the transformative impact of AI and data-driven technology on global sporting organisations. This session will highlight these technologies’ immense benefits and inherent risks, touching on performance analytics, fan engagement, operational efficiency, health monitoring, and challenges such as data privacy, security concerns, high implementation costs, and potential biases.

Leading organisations will share their strategies for navigating these complexities, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Join us at THE SPOT 2024  and watch this space for more exciting announcements of programme details and speakers.